Who We Are

How it all began

I had been a member of the Bentley Drivers Club since 1954. In 1968 I saw an advert in the Bentley Drivers Club Review, from an Englishman living in Italy, asking for help to look after his two Bentleys as he did not have the facility to keep them in Italy. He came quite regularly to the UK and would want to use them whenever he had the opportunity.



This worked very well and in 1978 we decided to offer car storage to other overseas owners. We are now able to look after 230 cars and still have several owners who have been with us from the beginning.



Since the first car, an M.G. T.F, there have been cars of almost every make and era. There have been articles written in magazines, including one in the Japanese edition of Esquire. The TV programme Top Gear spent a day filming, although this was edited down to 4.5 minutes of actual viewing time. We know from our overseas clients that this has been shown in all the far eastern countries.



We believe TigaStor was the first company to offer professional car storage.



Since then it has pioneered all the best practices in looking after its client’s cars, such as dehumidified environment, a regular maintenance programme, innovative insurance schemes, etc.


Owners keeping their cars with us for periods over 12 to 15 years are not uncommon, but the same levels of service and dedication are given to owners who entrust us with their cars for a matter of weeks.


A quarter of a century of looking after cars and still willing to chat to clients about whatever vehicle or vehicles they are interested in!



TigaStor is situated close to Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, giving easy access to Heathrow, London, Motorways and Silverstone. Owners can be met at Aylesbury or Leighton Buzzard railway station (central London 45 or 30 minutes respectively). Alternatively, we can arrange to meet their flight at Heathrow or Gatwick.



Cars are stored in secure, dry airy buildings which are used for car storage only. If required a dehumidified environment can be supplied at slightly higher cost. Our buildings are insurance company approved, and fitted with intruder alarms.



Routine Care

At commencement of storage, cars are washed, leather dried and the interiors valeted; tyres are inflated to 45lbs.sq.in, and, prior to final delivery, fluid levels are checked and tyre pressures corrected, including the spare. There is no charge for this service. Whilst in storage the cars’ batteries are disconnected. We recommend that a battery conditioner be fitted. (See price list).


What Our Customers Have To Say 

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